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Dark matter vs. G

Is Dark matter really needed or is there some other explanation? The Particle Model guru uses G1 gravity to explain the velocity of the stars at the edge of the galaxy and more.

Gravity Using the Particle Model

Bob de Hilster talks about gravity and the particle model. You may be surprised that there is more than one gravity! Doesn't make sense? Then let the particle guru tell you the weight of this idea!

The Particle Guru explains LIGO

Bob de Hilster, your particle model guru, explains how a wall of G2 particles causes the LIGO detector to sense a remote cataclysmic event.

Particle to Particle Interactions

Particle to Particle Interactions

Push or Pull

The particle model claims that there are no pulls even when call it a pull. This you tube channel presentation challenges the listener to prove that your pull cannot be called a push.

Two Gravities

Two gravities? newton used two simple observations to decide that there is a force called gravity. The particle model uses another observation to find a second one.

The Right Hand Rule becomes the Left Hand Rule

Mainstream has no explanation. Bob de Hilster describes a physical reason for the mysterious right-hand rule for electric current and its accompanying magnetic field. The Particle Model comes to the rescue!

MUST SEE FIRST #1 - Origin of the G1 Particle

Bob de Hilster describes where the idea for the G1 particle came and why it makes sense.

MUST SEE FIRST #4 - Antenna in a Circuit

Robert de Hilster describes how the G1 particle simplifies the physics of an antenna in an electronic circuit.

MUST SEE FIRST #2 - Same G1 Particle is Light and Gravity

Bob de Hilster describes the breakthrough idea he had which solves the wave / particle duality. He describes how on particle can be light and gravity at the same time.

YouTube Channel Coming Soon!

Particle and Gravity guru Bob de Hilster is preparing to launch his particle mastery upon the airwaves with some very new ideas of how the universe works.