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Question #4 - What is Mass?

Particle guru explains what mass is using the Particle Model. Is it real? Is inertial mass and gravitational equivalent? What is relativistic mass?

Question #3 - FTL Space Travel?

Particle Guru answers Michael's question about space travel and propulsion. Even though there may be some possibilities, G1 drag is a limiting factor.

Question #2 - Walking Through Walls?

Particle Guru answers the question: Can you walk through a wall like Harry potter?

Static Electricity Part 1 - Gold Leaf Electroscope

Particle guru explains how the gold leaf electroscope works when there is no plus or minus charge.

Question #1 - Where are the flying cars?

This starts a new series of videos where I will try to answer your questions. So if you have a serious science question about physics, please email me at particleguru@gmail.com

Solar Eclipse Part 2 - Explanation

In this video, Particle Guru explains the Allais anomalies and the Wang Eclipse. In 2012, he had an explanation, but it was not complete. And yet, the effects of the eclipse on gravity measurements and pendulums are not easy to understand.

Solar Eclipse Part 1 - Anomalies

Particle guru describes the effect of an eclipse on the pendulum and the effect on the measurements of gravity. These are called anomalies even though there are no anomalies in nature.

Light Part 4 - Dispersion

Particle guru reviews the characteristics of the prism to determine the cause of dispersion/refraction. Is it the shape, the light source, the angle of incidence, the phase velocity, or the wavelength? Or could it be more than one? Related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUJFpX6UmH0

Light Part 3 - Refraction and the G2 Force

This video shows the result of the measurement of the angle of deflection (not refraction) for a rectangular and triangular prism, trying to answer the question: "What is the magnitude and direction of the G2 force around these prisms."

Light - Part 2a Dispersion and Light

Particle guru starts the discussion of dispersion by comparing it to refraction. Further, the particle model for light is described in detail. At the end a list of factors that have to be considered is listed. No rainbow yet!

YouTube Channel Coming Soon!

Particle and Gravity guru Bob de Hilster is preparing to launch his particle mastery upon the airwaves with some very new ideas of how the universe works.